Delta of Venus American Erotic Film

Delta of Venus American Erotic Film

Delta of Venus American Erotic Film

Delta of Venus is a 1994 American sensual show movie coordinated by Zalman King and featuring Audie England, Costas Mandylor, and Marek Vašut. It is propelled by the after death distributed 1977 short story assortment Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin. NC-17 and R-appraised renditions of the film exist; the NC-17 rating is expected to express sex. The DVD discharge contains the two variants of the film. The film was delivered in June 1995 in the United States


Set in Paris, France, in 1940 in the beginning of World War II before the German intrusion and victory of France, Elena Martin (Audie England) is a youthful American essayist attempting to get by in Paris while looking for motivation for her first novel. Elena meets and has an ignoble illicit relationship with an individual American exile named Lawrence Walters (Costas Mandylor). With some consolation from her companions, her sweetheart, and her distributer, Elena engages in naked demonstrating and advances forward through numerous different types of voyeuristic and participatory sexual experiences as she further explores for motivation to think of her book and become a writer of sensual fiction. 



    • Audie England as Elena Martin 
    • Costas Mandylor as Lawrence Walters 
    • Eric Da Silva as Marcel 
    • Raven Snow as Leila 
    • Rory Campbell as Miguel 
    • Emma Louise Moore as Ariel 
    • Bernard Zette as Donald (as Zette) 
    • Marek Vasut as Luc 
    • Markéta Hrubesová as Bijou 
    • Daniel Leza as Pierre 
    • Stephen Halbert as Harry 
    • Dale Wyatt as Millicent 
    • Jirí Ded as Priest 
    • Valérie Zawadská as Landlady 
    • James Donahower as Bandleader 
    • Robert Davi as The Collector 
    • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as The Clairvoyant (as Wale) 
    • Clive Revill as Radio Announcer (voice) 
    • Roberta Hanley as Opium Den Proprietor


The tale by Anaïs Nin on which the film is based isn't self-portraying, nor does it's anything but an edge account. The film forces an edge story about a "Nin-like" American who starts an undertaking with another ostracize American in pre–World War II Paris, and who composes sensual stories that address her dreams. A portion of these accounts/dreams, in light of those of Nin, are investigated on-screen. 

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