Download Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tattoo (2022) Dual Audio Hindi Moviesyug

Download Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tattoo (2022) Dual Audio Hindi Moviesyug

Download Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tattoo (2022) Dual Audio Hindi Moviesyug

Download Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) in English and Hindi Audio in hd Quality 720p. This movie file size is 700MB. The story of this movie is based on Crime, Horror, Thriller.

This movie featured Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham in lead roles.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Information

Name: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Year: 2022

Language:  English-Hindi

Quality: Full HD 720p

Size: 300MB, 700MB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre official trailer


Texas Chainsaw Massacre real story

Almost 50 years after Leatherface's killing spree in 1973, entrepreneurs Melody and Dante, Melody's sister Lila and Dante's better half Ruth travel to the remote Texas town of Harlow. The Texas has for some time been deserted and the gathering intend to sell the properties to make a stylish, intensely improved region. Nearby repairman Richter hesitantly works with the gathering as a project worker and habitually conflicts with Dante over his arrangements for the town. While assessing an old halfway house, Melody and Dante are astonished to find that it is as yet involved by an older lady called Mrs. Mc. Welcoming the pair over for tea, Mrs. Mc claims she has the papers demonstrating she actually possesses the property in spite of Melody and Dante guaranteeing the bank has ousted her. A contention breaks out, momentarily hindered by the other tenant of the shelter; a quiet and transcending more seasoned man, before Mrs. Mc out of nowhere implodes from a respiratory failure.

Mrs. Mc is hurried to the clinic joined by Ruth and the baffling more established man. Financial backer Catherine and a gathering of potential purchasers show up at Harlow on a huge transport diverting Dante and Melody. Lila starts up a relationship with Richter and uncovers she was an overcomer of a school firing, leaving her frightened by weapons. In the interim, Mrs. Mc kicks the bucket in transit to the emergency clinic. As Ruth texts Melody about the circumstance, the more established man unexpectedly goes crazy and murders the officials driving the rescue vehicle. It crashes and when Ruth stirs, she observes the man, uncovered to be Leatherface, removing Mrs. Mc's face to wear as a veil. Ruth figures out how to radio for help prior to being killed by Leatherface, who then, at that point, advances back to Harlow. During a property sell off, Melody tracks down Ruth's texts about Mrs. Mc's demise and plans to leave with Lila. Richter hears them discussing her passing and seizes the keys, consenting to give them back once they show verification that they legitimately eliminated Mrs. Mc from her home. Finding they don't have the papers showing they own the halfway house; Melody and Dante return to the shelter to track down them.

Sally Hardesty, the last one standing of Leatherface's past killing binge and presently a fight solidified officer learns of Ruth's assault and heads out to examine. At the halfway house, Melody finds the papers and understands that Mrs. Mc was correct and that they illegitimately removed her from her home. Leatherface gets back to the halfway house and assaults Dante, ravaging him. Seeing this, Melody stows away as Leatherface recovers his trimming tool from his room divider. Sally shows up at the site of the emergency vehicle crash, tracking down Ruth and the official's carcasses prior to tracking down Mrs. Mc's cleaned body. Persuaded that Leatherface is for sure back, Sally goes out to Harlow. A rainstorm hits the town as dusks and Catherine and Lila move into the transport with the purchasers. Dante figures out how to stagger out of the halfway house where he is found by Richter and Catherine prior to draining to death. Richter enters the shelter where he is assaulted and killed by Leatherface. Tune figures out how to recover the vehicle and transport keys from his body prior to escaping the house, rejoining with Lila and being sought after by a trimming tool employing Leatherface.

Leatherface attacks the transport as it endeavors to drive away and sheets prior to slaughtering Catherine and different purchasers Melody and Lila get away from the butchery and run over Sally who secures them her vehicle prior to entering the shelter to at last defy Leatherface. She holds Leatherface at gunpoint requesting he recollects the aggravation he caused for her and her companions yet is met by quietness before Leatherface leaves. Leatherface assaults the sisters in Sally's vehicle yet they are saved by Sally who shoots him. Sally gives Melody the keys to drive away prior to seeking after Leatherface. Leatherface ambushes and lethally harms Sally. Tune hits Leatherface with Sally's vehicle prior to colliding with a close by building. Tune conciliatory sentiments for how she treated Mrs. Mc yet Leatherface moves in to assault. Sally saves her and Lila by shooting Leatherface. Sally urges Lila not to run as she'll be spooky by how Leatherface has treated passing on.

Lila takes Sally's shotgun and seeks after Leatherface into an unwanted structure where she is trapped and assaulted. Song shows up and takes Leatherface's trimming tool prior to utilizing it to apparently kill him. The pair departure and start to drive away as morning rises. Leatherface arises, still alive, and hauls Melody out of the vehicle prior to executing her with his trimming tool. Lila watches shocked as oneself driving vehicle removes her from Harlow. Leatherface moves in the road with his trimming tool and Melody's head.

A post-credit scene shows Leatherface advancing toward the house where his unique slaughter occurred.   


Download Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tattoo (2022) Dual Audio Hindi Moviesyug

Download Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tattoo (2022) Dual Audio Hindi Moviesyug

Download Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tattoo (2022) Dual Audio Hindi Moviesyug

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