Download Ek Villain Returns 2022 Hindi Movie on 9kmovies

Download Ek Villain Returns 2022 Hindi Movie on 9kmovies

Download Ek Villain Returns 2022 Hindi Movie on 9kmovies

Download Ek Villain Returns (2022) in Dual Audio HD Quality 480p, 720p. This movie file size is 350MB and 550MB. The story of this movie is based on Action, Romance, Thriller.

This movie featured Disha Patani, John Abraham, Tara Sutaria, Arjun Kapoor,  in lead roles.

Ek Villain Returns Movie Information

Name: Ek Villain Returns

Year: 2022

Language:  Hindi

Quality: 480p & 720p

Size: 350MB, 550MB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

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Ek Villain Returns Movie full story

A masked intruder barges into an apartment complex and kill a famous singer named Aarvi Malhotra. After the investigation, the cops deduce that Aarvi's ex-lover Gautam Mehra is the killer.

Over a flashback, it is shown that Gautam is a spoiled rich brat, who is berated by his industrialist father Devesh Mehra as Gautam had created a commotion at his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Gautam's commotion is turned into a rock song by Aarvi. Gautam meets Aarvi at a music festival and pretends to be in love with her, in order to take revenge against her for using the video clip of the commotion to get fame. Though suspicious, Aarvi befriends Gautam when he helps her to replace her rival, Qiran, who he knows, at the fest.

During the course of events, as they fall in love with each other, Aarvi reveals about her father Balkrishnan Shastri, a popular singer, who had an extramartial affair with her mother, but didn't accept either as he already had a family. She tells Gautam that her main goal is to make her father accept her as his daughter by becoming a famous singer. However, Aarvi's childhood photos are leaked by Gautam, where Shastri publicly rejects her as his daughter. Aarvi learns about Gautam's act and ploy, which leaves her heartbroken.

Back in present day, a special team headed by ex-CBI DCP Aditya Rathore locates Gautam and tries to catch him, but he evades and ACP V. K. Ganesan surmises that Gautam hasn't killed Aarvi. Later, the cops interrogate a suspect named Bhairav Purohit as Aarvi's phone number was found in Bhairav's phone, but he denies the crime. They release Bhairav due to unsatisfactory evidence. Ganesan finds a pattern explaining that the serial killer, known in the media as the "Smiley Killer", only targets young girls who had one-sided lovers, and also learns that the killer has murdered 18 girls in past 6 months. The killer sends a man, Ashu, whose late ex-girlfriend Pooja was one of the victims to a news channel and asks him to blame Gautam as the killer. Gautam follows Ashu to a train station, but he is killed by the same killer, who is revealed to be Bhairav. A fight ensues between Bhairav and Gautam, the latter being unable to see his face. Bhairav leaves the train and escapes in a cab. Ganesan checks the CCTV but is unable to find anything.

Bhairav's past unfolds as a cab-driver who also works part-time as a zookeeper along with his friend Keshav, where he meets Rasika Mapuskar, a salesgirl at a clothing store in a mall, and falls for her deeply, harbouring plans for marriage. One day, Rasika injures a group of rogues with Bhairav's cab,who were eve-teasing her, thus revealing to Bhairav her dark side. During a vacation in Lonavala, Bhairav decides to propose to Rasika, but sees her getting intimate with her married manager Atul, which leaves Bhairav heartbroken.

Rasika later meets Bhairav and instigates him to kill those girls who have one-sided lover boyfriends. Pooja ultimately becomes his first victim in his attempt to prove his loyalty to Rasika. After this incident, Bhairav is mentally tormented and begins to kill many girls, along with Rasika.

Three months into his breakup with Aarvi, Gautam regains his lifestyle, but goes through a phase of self destruction and redemption, eventually realizing his love for Aarvi when he gets injured and she takes care of him. Gautam pleads for a chance from Aarvi, promising to change himself, but leaves with a heavy heart when she storms off in Bhairav's cab. Bhairav misunderstands that Aarvi has duped Gautam, where he, along with Rasika, attacks the complex at night, as Bhairav kills Aarvi, referring to the opening scene.

Back again in the present, Gautam gets hold of Bhairav's zoo address from Ganesan, who is killed by Bhairav shortly later. As he reaches there, it is revealed that Aarvi is alive and that Bhairav has locked her in the zoo. Bhairav reveals to Gautam that Aarvi is alive, and instead has Keshav framed as the "Smiley Killer", having taken his detached son Yash into confidence after Yash testifies against Keshav, who he holds a grudge against for being disloyal to Yash after Keshav's wife passed away. Bhairav walks free while Aditya tries to console an unconvinced Gautam, telling him that the case has been solved with Keshav as fugitive. Bhairav and Rasika later return to the zoo and kill all the guards posted at the zoo, where they also try to kill Aarvi, but Gautam arrives and engages in a deadly combat with Bhairav. Surprisingly, in a twist, it is revealed that Rasika is actually dead and that Bhairav is actually hallucinating Rasika, something which Gautam had realized after a chain of events.

Bhairav then recollects what actually happened : he becomes numb after Rasika confesses that she plans to take it further with Atul, who she is sure would ditch his family for her. Barely having avoided an accident, he begs Rasika to accept his feelings, where he unintentionally kills her. Coming back to his senses, Bhairav keeps her body in the freezer at the zoo, whence he starts hallucinating Rasika and begins to kill every girl for her sake.

Gautam reveals to Bhairav that he saw through his hallucination when Bhairav started talking to "Rasika" outside the zoo. He tells him that Bhairav's love for Rasika turned into hatred, whereas Gautam's love for Aarvi would always remain the way it was, even if she doesn't accept him. Realizing his mistake, Bhairav opens the tiger's cage and is later attacked by the tiger. Gautam leaves with Aarvi, who reunites with him. Later, Aarvi sings at the concert with the support of Gautam and her fans.

During a pre-post-credit scene, Rakesh Mahadkar, who survived the accident that followed his fight with reformed gangster Guru Divekar in vengeance for the murder of the latter's wife Aisha Verma at the hands of the former, and has since became a paraplegic, meets Bhairav, who is actually alive, having lost his one eye to the tiger attack, where he recites his promise from the prequel.

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