X 2022 ORG Hindi Dual Audio Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

X 2022 ORG Hindi Dual Audio Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

X 2022 Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

Download X (2022) in Dual Audio Hindi+English HD Quality 480p, 720p. This movie file size is 400MB and 1.2GB. The story of this movie is based on Horror.

This movie featured Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow, Kid Cudi in lead roles.

X Movie Information

Name: X

Year: 2022

Language:  Hindi+English

Quality: 480p & 720p

Size: 400MB, 1.2GB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

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X Movie full story

In 1979, aspiring pornographic actress Maxine Minx embarks on a road trip through Texas with her producer boyfriend Wayne, fellow actors Bobby-Lynne and Jackson Hole, director RJ, and RJ's girlfriend, Lorraine, to shoot an adult film for the booming theatrical pornography market. Bobby-Lynne and Jackson strike up a romance, while Lorraine is unimpressed with the film's content and RJ's attempts to make it seem like a serious cinematic piece.

The group arrives at the farm of Howard and Pearl, an elderly couple in whose guest house the group intends to shoot the film, The Farmer's Daughters. Howard is temperamental towards the group, brandishing a shotgun while Pearl silently stalks Maxine. As filming commences without Howard's knowledge, Maxine is invited inside the couple's home by Pearl, where they have a conversation. Pearl laments her age, expresses jealousy for Maxine's youth, and makes a sexual advance towards her. She later watches Maxine have sex with Jackson and is aroused. Pearl pleads with Howard to have sex with her but he refuses, claiming his heart is too weak.

Night falls and the film crew relax in the guesthouse. Lorraine, keen to shed her reputation as a prude and intrigued by the film, asks to participate in the shoot, upsetting RJ. Eventually, RJ agrees to shoot a scene between Lorraine and Jackson, but becomes so furious with her, that he breaks down sobbing in the shower. RJ attempts to leave while the others sleep, but he is stopped by Pearl, who attempts to seduce him. When he rebuffs her, she stabs him to death. Lorraine and Wayne notice RJ is missing and go searching. Wayne is killed with a pitchfork in the barn by Pearl. Lorraine is invited into the couple's house by Howard, who claims Pearl is missing, and asks Lorraine to retrieve a flashlight from the basement. When Lorraine attempts to leave the basement, she discovers she has been locked in. After turning on the light she discovers a man’s rotting corpse.

Howard approaches the guest house and asks Jackson to help him locate Pearl. Jackson finds a submerged car in a pond before Howard shoots him dead, revealing himself to be complicit in Pearl's violent tendencies. Meanwhile, Pearl enters the guest house and climbs into Maxine's bed, naked. Maxine awakens and screams, causing Pearl to flee the house, which Bobby-Lynne witnesses. In the farmhouse, Lorraine uses a hatchet to break through a panel in the basement door, but Howard bludgeons her, breaking her finger, and forces her back inside. Bobby-Lynne follows Pearl outside to the nearby lake and tries to guide her away from the water. Pearl angrily accuses Bobby-Lynne of being a whore before pushing her into the lake where she is devoured by an alligator.

Maxine sees Pearl and Howard return to the guest house and hides under the bed. The elderly couple discuss the murders before having sex. Maxine manages to flee to the van, where she finds RJ's corpse, and the keys missing. Armed with a pistol from the glovebox, Maxine enters the farmhouse and frees Lorraine, who angrily blames Maxine for what has happened. Lorraine panics and runs out the front door, only to be shot by Howard. As Howard and Pearl begin moving the bodies, intent on framing the crew as intruders, a dying Lorraine startles Howard, who has a heart attack and dies.

Maxine retrieves the keys to Howard and Pearl's truck, and attempts to shoot Pearl, but the pistol is not loaded. Pearl tries to shoot Maxine, who dodges, while the recoil from the shotgun causes Pearl to fall and break her hip. As Pearl lies injured outside the house, she begs Maxine for help. Maxine refuses and as Pearl berates her, Maxine runs her over with the truck, crushing Pearl's head. Maxine drives away from the farm. The next morning, the police arrive at the house to retrieve the bodies.

It is revealed that Maxine is the daughter of a fundamentalist Christian preacher, whose speeches were frequently playing on Pearl and Howard's television. The police discover RJ's camera and speculate about what it contains.

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X 2022 Screenshots

X 2022 Screenshots

X 2022 Screenshots

X 2022 Screenshots

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