Download Terrifier 2 (2022) Full Movie English on 9kmovies

Download Terrifier 2 (2022) Full Movie English on 9kmovies

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Download Terrifier 2 (2022) English Movie HD Quality 480p, 720p. This movie file size is 550MB and 1.2GB. The story of this movie is based on Horror.

This movie featured David Howard Thornton, Jenna Kanell, Lauren LaVera in lead roles.

Terrifier 2 Movie Information

Name: Terrifier 2

Year: 2022

Language:  English 

Quality: 480p & 720p

Size: 550MB, 1.2GB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

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Terrifier 2 Movie Plot

After being resurrected by an unknown entity following the Miles County Massacre, Art the Clown murders and severely mutilates the coroner investigating his dead body with a hammer. He goes to the laundromat to clean his blood-soaked garments where he encounters a little pale girl dressed in similar clown makeup. A lone patron sees Art interacting with the girl, who is invisible to him, before being impaled through the head with a mop handle off-screen.

A year later, Sienna Shaw puts the finishing touches on her Halloween costume: a warrior princess that was designed for her by her late father, who recently passed away after a brain tumor, which brought forth strange visions. Her brother Jonathan plans on going as Art the Clown. Sienna expresses concern about this to their mother, Barbara. That night, Sienna has a dream where she encounters Art in a commercial for a restaurant. He hands everyone candy, except for Sienna, who gets a beating heart in a box with worms and black goo. He then whips out a Tommy gun and shoots everyone in the commercial except for Sienna, who tries to run away. He then torches the remaining guests and the guitarist. Before he catches her in the dream, a fire ignites on her dresser, waking her up, and incinerating the wings she had designed for the costume. A sword that had been given to her by her father remains unscathed amongst the ashes.

The next day, it is Halloween. Jonathan sees Art and the little girl at school playing with a dead opossum. He runs away and into a teacher, who finds the opossum and suspends Jonathan, believing he is the one to have brought the animal into the school. Meanwhile, Sienna goes to the costume shop to find a replacement pair of wings. There, she encounters Art who playfully antagonizes her before she leaves. Art mutilates and then decapitates the shop vendor, and later follows Sienna's friend Allie home, where he attacks and viciously mutilates her body, pouring bleach over her and rubbing salt over her wounds. When her mother discovers her body, she runs away screaming and is in turn killed, with her head being used as a prop by Art to serve candy to children; some of whom complain about how sticky the candy is.

Meanwhile, Barbara discovers that Jonathan has been suspended and refuses to let him leave the house for the evening, while Sienna plans on going to a party with her friends. Jonathan calls Barbara a "bitch", and is then slapped by her in return. Jonathan storms off, furious, and appears to vandalize the family car. Barbara cleans up the mess, but finds Art inside the car and is shot in the face. Jonathan returns home to find his deceased and mutilated mother. Art proceeds to smash mashed potatoes into her unrecognizable face. Art then chases him to the bedroom, where he incapacitates Jonathan with a needle.

At the party, Sienna is unknowingly given molly by her friend Brooke. As the drug reacts to the alcohol and the Xanax she had previously taken, Sienna has a panic attack when she sees the little girl dressed as a clown. Brooke and her boyfriend Jeff are driving Sienna home when she gets a call from Jonathan (whose voice is actually being mimicked by the little girl), saying that he is at an abandoned carnival. There, Sienna investigates the premises, including a haunted house named the Terrifier. Meanwhile, Brooke and Jeff are attacked and killed brutally. Sienna finds Brooke's dead body in a dingy bathroom, where she also finds Art and Jonathan. After failing to kill the seemingly immortal Art several times, Sienna is stabbed in the stomach with her father's sword, and seemingly dies, falling into a dream she had earlier in the movie, trapped in a water torture cell.

Art tries to wake up a comatose Jonathan and begins eating him. Sienna, meanwhile, is resurrected by the sword and decapitates Art using the same weapon. He appears dead, and the ghostly little girl takes his head and leaves. Sienna and Jonathan embrace.

In a post-credits scene, an institutionalized Victoria, the mutilated sole survivor of the first movie, goes into labour, writing swear words in blood on the wall, giving birth to Art's head. A nurse enters the room and screams in horror.

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