Renfield (2023) Full Movie Download Hindi Dubbed Imdb 9kmovies

Renfield (2023) Full Movie Download Hindi Dubbed Imdb 9kmovies

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Download Renfield (2023) in Hindi Audio in HD Quality 480p, 720p. This movie file size is 300MB and 900MB. The story of this movie is based on Comedy, Fantasy, Horror.

This movie featured Nicholas Hoult, Nicolas CageAwkwafina in lead roles.

Renfield Movie Information

Name: Renfield

Year: 2023

Language:  Hindi Audio

Quality: 480p & 720p

Size: 300MB, 900MB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

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Renfield Movie full story

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Transylvanian vampire Count Dracula meets the English lawyer R.M. Renfield. Renfield hopes to negotiate a deal for a piece of land, and after proving himself a useful assistant, he ends up becoming Dracula's familiar, allowing him to become immortal and gain great strength and speed when he consumes insects.

Ninety years later, Renfield has grown tired and exhausted of bringing victims to Dracula, as well as the latter's abuse. They recently had a close call with some vampire hunters who nearly killed the Count, so the duo move to New Orleans to recuperate. There, Renfield discovers a 12-step self-help group for people in codependent relationships and plans to hunt down the group's abusive lovers so he can kill them and give them to Dracula to feast on without feeling remorse. Tracking one to a warehouse with stolen drugs, Renfield confronts several criminals before they are all targeted by an assassin hired by the rival Lobo crime family.

After killing the assassin, Renfield unsuccessfully tries to hunt down the man who hired him, Teddy Lobo, who leaves in a hurry, and a weakened Renfield drags the corpses back to Dracula's lair in the basement of the dilapidated Charity Hospital. Teddy comes across a sobriety checkpoint run by Rebecca Quincy, a second-generation police officer, who arrests Teddy after she throws bricks of cocaine at him. At the police station, Teddy is released by dirty cops, while Rebecca has a confrontation with her sister Kate, an FBI agent.

Dracula tells Renfield that the criminals he has brought for food are insufficient and that the vampire wants the blood of someone pure and innocent in his place. Renfield goes to a restaurant to kidnap commoners, while Rebecca is also led there by clues from the crime scene. The two are caught up in an attack on Rebecca's life that Teddy has been pressured into making in order to reestablish the Wolves' fierce reputation. Instead, Renfield and Rebecca fight back, killing several gang members and leading Teddy to escape.

Teddy's mother, Bellafrancesca, orders her to go after the man who killed her foot soldiers, and she ends up meeting Dracula when Renfield is away. The two agree to form an alliance as Renfield has taken the teachings of his self-help group to heart and decides to make a life for himself apart from his teacher. Setting up an apartment and changing his attitude to one of help, Renfield gives a statement to the police to help them try to finally stop the Wolves. However, Dracula finds out about Renfield's betrayal and kills the support group members in front of his former henchwoman.

Rebecca shows up to find Renfield surrounded by dead bodies, causing her to arrest him until she is invaded by crooked cops and the Wolves, who also want revenge on Renfield. Rebecca refuses to give up Renfield and barely manages to escape with him, being shot in the process. The next morning, Rebecca discovers that Renfield has saved her life and he explains her true origin while she confirms that he wants to reform. The two fight through a group of crooked cops and Lobo's henchmen who arrive at the apartment to kill them and escape her, but after trying to call Kate, Rebecca discovers that Dracula and Bellafrancesca have taken her hostage. She and Renfield stockpile weapons and bugs to raid the Wolves' headquarters, only to discover that Dracula has empowered over half a dozen gang members, including Teddy, to have all of Renfield's supernatural abilities.

After a fight, Renfield kills Teddy and the gang members. Rebecca heads out to stop Dracula, only to find that Kate is nearly beaten to death and only the healing properties of Dracula's blood can save her, which he will offer in exchange for Rebecca's loyalty. She tricks Dracula by pretending to agree and then injuring him by exposing him to sunlight, leading to him having a final showdown with Renfield and Rebecca that ends with the two collaborating to capture him in a magic circle.

Renfield and Rebecca beat Dracula to pieces, capturing his healing blood, and splitting the pieces of his corpse into chunks of concrete that they scatter through the water system, ultimately destroying the vampire or at least making it very difficult for him to reshape Dracula's life. he. body. Renfield then heals Kate (who, along with Rebecca, arrests Bellafrancesca) and then resurrects his friends from the self-help group, feeling empowered to make a new life for himself.

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