Fast X (2023) Hindi dubbed Full Movie Download 9kmovies

Fast X (2023) Hindi dubbed Full Movie Download 9kmovies

Poster Fast X (2023)
Poster Fast X (2023)

Download Fast X (2023) in Hindi Audio in HD Quality 480p, 720p. This movie file size is 550MB and 1.3GB. The story of this movie is based on Action | Adventure | Crime | Mystery | Thriller.

This movie featured Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris in lead roles.

Fast X Movie Information

Name: Fast X

Year: 2023

Language:  Hindi Audio

Quality: 480p & 720p

Size: 550MB, 1.3GB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

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Fast X Movie full story

The agency Dominic Toretto and its team are requested by the agency to steal a computer chip during its transit in Rome, Italy. Dom and his wife Letty Ortiz stay with his son Brian "Little B" Marcos, while the rest of the team goes to Rome. However, an injured figure arrives at Dom and informs him that Dante Reyes, the son of the drug Lord Hernan Reyes, turned his crew against her by threatening their families and uses them to target Dom by avenging the death of his father and the Loss of the fortune of his family ten years ago. [B] Little nobody puts in police ciphery but reveals to Dom and Letty that there is no agency mission in Rome. Realizing that Dante has set them up, Dom and Letty go to rescue the team.

In Rome, Dante locks the team in a truck containing a metal ball bomb while Dom and Letty pursue them. The bomb is released in the streets, so Dom pushes it into the Tiber river to minimize the damage. Letty is arrested, and the agent Ames, the agency's de facto chief since the disappearance of Mr. Person, [C] thinks that Dom and his team are responsible for the attack and start a manhunt, Ending a premium of several million dollars. In Los Angeles, an armed team arrives to take Little B, who was in the custody of Dom Mia's sister. Dom Jakob's brother arrives and beats the team, and takes Little B to a secret place in Portugal, where they will wait for Dom. Mr. Person's daughter, Tess, is convinced of the innocence of the team and uses the eye of God [d] to find dom to Naples, informing him that Dante is in Rio de Janeiro.

Dom confronts Dante and accepts a race, where they are joined by the friend of Dom Diogo and Isabel Neves, the sister of the late mother of Little B Elena. [E] During the race, Dante tells Dom that he planted bombs in Diogo and Isabel. Unable to reach Diogo, Dom crashes on Isabel to dislodge the bomb while Diogo's car explodes and Dante won the race. Tess Visit Letty on a black site of the agency and sheeps her secretly to send her to the prison treatment center, where she meets Cipher. They discover that the black site is in Antarctica and agrees to work together to escape. In London, the rest of the DOM team discovers that their bank accounts have been drained, so they use Cash hidden by Roman Pearce to consult the partner of Ramsey Bowie to acquire supplies. However, Bowie returns his arrival to the police for the premium, bringing the team to turn to Deckard Shaw to get help. Deckard agrees to help them after learning that his mother Queenie is also a fugitive to help Dom.

Likes retraces and stops Dom, but his team is ambushed by the mercenaries of Dante. Like associates with Dom to fight them while Tess arrives to help, but Dante reveals that he has kidnapped Isabel. Dante seriously hurts Tess and steals the eye of God and locates little B in Portugal; Dom saves Isabel while Dante escapes. Isabel promises Dom to bring Tess to the hospital, while love agrees to help Dom to shoot Dante. The DOM team is informed and goes to Portugal.

Meanwhile, Dante manages to kidnap Little B and orders his mercenaries to stop Dom and Jakob. While Dom is stuck by mercenaries in front of him, Jakob sacrifices himself in a successful attempt to remove them all, allowing Dom to save his son from Dante. Arriving in a neighboring dam, Dante puts them between two semi-trailers with drone and prepares to crush them, while Aimes turns out to be a double agent working for Dante and shoots the plane containing the Dom team. Dom comes out of the edge and descends the slope of the dam, landing safely in the water, but Dante reveals that the dam is rigged with explosives and triggers them, leaving the fate of Dom and his unknown son. In Antarctica, Letty and Cipher escape from the black site and tremble towards the coast, where a submarine surfaces and Gisele Yashar, who was presumed dead, [f] emerges to save them.

In a scene of average credits, Luke Hobbs and his agents take over a dilapidated church, where Dante calls to tell Hobbs that he is the next target to kill his father.

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