Download Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Dual Audio {Hindi-English} on 9kmovies

Download Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Dual Audio {Hindi-English} on 9kmovies

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Download Enola Holmes 2 (2022) in Dual Audio {Hindi-English} in HD Quality 480p, 720p. This movie file size is 400MB and 1GB. The story of this movie is based on Action, Adventure, Crime, and Drama

This movie featured Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter in lead roles.

Enola Holmes 2 
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Name: Enola Holmes 2

Year: 2022

Language:  {Hindi-English}

Quality: 480p & 720p

Size: 400MB, 1GB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

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Enola Holmes 2 Movie full story

After the events of the first film, Enola starts her own detective agency, but struggles to get clients, finding herself in the shadow of her brother, famous detective Sherlock Holmes. One day, a young girl named Bess comes to the detective agency to report her missing sister Sarah Chapman. Bess and Sarah worked at the same match factory, Lyons, where match-girls regularly fall ill and die from typhus. Though everyone believes Sarah ran away, Bess thinks she is in trouble. Bess takes Enola to the factory, where Enola meets the hot-headed Mae. Enola sneaks into the office to find old models of the matches, which had red tips instead of the current white tips.

Suspicious of Mae, Enola follows her to the Paragon Theatre, where Mae works a second job, and discovers that Sarah did as well. Enola learns that Sarah had a lover and finds his poem in a vanity drawer. On her way home, she finds Sherlock stumbling out of a pub, drunk. She brings him home, and realizes he is unable to solve his latest case. She learns that the poem for Sarah is a code leading to an address at Whitechapel.

Enola visits the location and finds Mae stabbed and dying. She fails to save her, but discovers a piece of sheet music in Mae's dress. Superintendent Grail and Inspector Lestrade storm into the house and accuse her of murder, with her having no evidence to prove otherwise. She escapes through the window and is chased by policemen. She manages to make it to Sherlock's place, where he plays the sheet music for her, finding it off-key. His latest case involves blackmail of government officials, but he can't trace the owner of the accounts where the money is sent. Sherlock tells her to stay and leaves to clear her name, but Enola figures out that Sarah's lover will be at a ball hosted by the Lyon family, and heads there.

At the ball, Enola meets Cicely, a friendly lady who seems to have affections for Tewkesbury, and chats with Mira Troy, secretary to Treasury Minister Lord Charles McIntyre. She sees Tewkesbury, who teaches her how to dance so she can find an opportunity to find out more from William Lyon, the son of the match factory's owner and Sarah's lover. He tells her to meet him at midnight in the library, where she is arrested and carried away by the police. She is about to be hanged when her mother and Edith rescue her and fight the police to escape.

Heading to Sarah's house to warn Bessie about the danger, she realizes that Sarah had found out that match-girls were falling ill from the cheap white phosphorus used in the matches, not typhus. She visits Tewkesbury and tells him about the clues. During the meeting, Cicely visits Tewkesbury while Enola hides. After Cicely leaves, Enola realizes that Cicely is actually Sarah in disguise and that her and William were working together to expose the Match Factory. Tewskbury and Enola profess their love for each other and head to the factory where they encounter Sherlock, who tells her that their cases are connected. They deduce Lord McIntyre had a deal with William's father to use cheap phosphorus to make more profits, at the cost of killing the match-girls. The trio discover William dead with the same sheet music Enola had discovered on Mae's body. Upon discovering that the sheet music is actually a map of the Paragon Theatre, they meet Sarah, who confirms Enola's findings and reveals she and William needed Tewkesbury's help to expose McIntyre. As Enola informs Sarah of William's death, Grail, along with several policemen, appears holding Bessie hostage. Bessie bites him and escapes with Sarah while the trio fight the policemen, resulting in Grail falling to his death.

Lord McIntyre arrives with Lestrade and other policemen and burns the evidence. Sherlock and Enola deduce that Mira Troy is actually Moriarty and used what she knew to blackmail McIntyre and the Lyons. When Sarah, William, and Mae tried to expose the factory, she had William and Mae killed to preserve her blackmail scheme. Sarah, Bessie and Enola successfully convince the factory workers to call a strike, revealing the real reasons behind the sickness and deaths. McIntyre is arrested with Tewkesbury's help, while Mira escapes police custody. Enola sets up a new office at Edith's shop, where Sherlock offers her a partnership. Enola declines, but agrees to meet him on Thursday evening. Tewkesbury later comes by, and invites Enola to a ball.

In a post-credits scene, on Thursday when Sherlock is expecting Enola, he instead finds a man at the front door sent by Enola, who introduces himself as Dr. John Watson.



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