Download The Ghost (2022) [Hindi-Dubbed] on 9kmovies

Download The Ghost (2022) [Hindi-Dubbed] on 9kmovies

Download The Ghost (2022) [Hindi-Dubbed] on 9kmovies

Download The Ghost (2022) in Hindi Dubbed in HD Quality 480p, 720p. This movie file size is 350MB and 1GB. The story of this movie is based on Action | Crime | Thriller.

This movie featured Nagarjuna, Sonal Chauhan in lead roles.

The Ghost Movie Information

Name: The Ghost

Year: 2022

Language:  Hindi Audio

Quality: 480p & 720p

Size: 350MB, 1.GB

Format: AVI, MKV, MP4 

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The Ghost Movie full story

Vikram Naidu is an Interpol field agent, in Dubai, who suffers from anger management and nightmares, about a riot that took place in 1984 in New Delhi, in which his mother was killed, when he was 10 years old. During a mission to save an Indian business mogul's son, along with Priya, Vikram's steadfastness in the mission causes the boy to get shot and killed. After this incident, Vikram develops a guilt complex and becomes wild with rage. He eventually breaks-up with Priya, as a result.

5 years later, Vikram has retired from the Interpol, and works as a freelance agent, occasionally helping the Interpol with their missions. During a session with his psychiatrist, Dr. Iyer, he reveals that post their break-up, Priya moved back to India and joined the NCB, in Mumbai. He also reveals to her that he received a call from his estranged sister and corporate businesswomen, Anupama 'Anu' Nair, who runs the business conglomerate, Nair Group, after 20 years.[3] Vikram leaves to Ooty and reminisces his life of getting adopted by Anu's father, Nagendra Naidu, who was a colonel in the Indian Army, and saved him from getting killed in the riots. Years later, Anu got separated from the both of them, as Naidu denied her relationship with the business mogul, Ashok Nair. As a result, Naidu's health deteriorated. On his deathbed, he made Vikram promise to him, that he will protect and look after Anu.

After reaching Anu's estate in Ooty, Vikram meets Anu, who reveals that she was receiving death threats and fears that her daughter, Adithi, is in danger, as her personal bodyguards are also not trustworthy. Anu requests Vikram to protect Adithi, where Vikram tells her to appoint him as Adithi's bodyguard. Vikram begins his investigation by checking into Ashok Nair's family, while Anu leaves for a business trip. Vikram slowly begins to change Adithi's behaviour and habits. Adithi and her friends divert Vikram and leave for a trip to Goa. While partying with her friends, Adithi and her friends are sedated and kidnapped, but Vikram, having learnt of their location, narrowly saves them. Later, Adithi reveals that she knows about Vikram. One day, Vikram and Adithi are attacked in a bomb blast, which was meant for Adithi, at Anu's estate. Anu gets killed in a car accident.

It is revealed that after the mission in Dubai, Vikram went on a killing spree and had vanquished many gangsters and criminals in the underworld, where he was referred to as the Ghost. The remaining gangsters and criminals began to get scared of Vikram's rampage and later surrendered to him, who spared them. Having survived the blast, Vikram and Adithi escape with Priya, where they also learn about Anu's death. Having joined the NCB in Mumbai, Priya reveals that the attack was orchestrated by Scorpion, who runs a business of human trafficking, assassinations, and narcotics. Vikram and Priya suspect Pankaj Nair, Anu's brother-in-law, of hiring Scorpion and hack his phone, only to learn that the company's shareholder, Harish, and Siran Group heir, Siddhant Nair, were the ones who were involved in the attacks on Adithi and Anu.

Having guessed that Anu's shares in the company will be nominated to Adithi and that 70% of the board of directors would transfer the shares to Siran Group and merge the company with them, Vikram makes Adithi reveal herself, of being alive, and manages to cancel the meeting. Scorpion learns about Vikram's past from his father, Lala, whose family became his victims, during his rampage. Vikram, Adithi, and Priya interrogate Harish and learn about Scorpion's farmhouse in Narsapur, Karnataka. Priya heads to Scorpion's farmhouse, while Vikram heads to Siddhant's house, with Harish. Having learnt of Vikram's identity, Siddhant attacks Vikram, where Harish is killed in the cross-fire. After an intense combat, Vikram manages to subdue and kill Siddhant. However, he is surrounded by Lala's right-hand man, Sadhu, and his men. But, Lala tells them to leave Vikram, as he received a video of Scorpion getting tortured by Priya.

Lala arrives at the church, in Goa, where Scorpion is kept and begs Vikram to release him. He reveals that Anu is alive and had survived the accident. He kept her alive, as a bargaining chip, knowing fully that the need will arise. Lala's men bring Anu to the church, while Vikram throws Scorpion's severed head to him. Enraged and distraught, Lala launches a full-on assault, on Vikram and Priya. However, both Vikram and Priya gain the upper-hand, and kill Lala and his men. Anu reunites with Adithi and rejoins the company, by merging Siran Group into Nair Group. She appoints Pankaj as the chairperson of Nair Group. Afterwards, Vikram and Priya are seen riding in a helicopter, speaking to Adithi, as she is now admitted in Cambridge University.


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